My Past Career

My career for the past 18 years has been in architecture and I've loved it, I've cried over it, I've hated it and I've loved it again. It's given me the opportunity to work on some interesting projects and meet some amazing people. Architecture put me on the road that I find myself on today. A few years ago, when my daughter was just finishing high school and preparing for college, I knew I needed to find something to fill my time outside of work. Volunteering had always been on my radar but I'd never really pursued it until 2008 when I began volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.  

My Inspiration

After a couple of years with Habitat for humanity, I discovered that I could not only help out locally in my own community, but communities all over the world. My first trip abroad with them was in 2011 to Costa Rica and I didn't know it at the time, but it was the start of something incredible. That experience has helped to shape the way I travel. I've fallen in helplessly love with travel. My love of travel has turned into an insatiable need to see the world in a way that allows me to leave a piece of myself, through the friends that I've made, in each place I visit. Having the opportunity to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and build homes for families in so many countries has transformed the way I look at myself and the world. 

Now, based in Atlanta, GA and living part-time in Marrakech, Morocco, I want to help you create meaningful experiences for yourself, friends, families or colleagues. We have very little time create those memories when we're deep in our daily routines with so little time for vacations, so why not make the most of it?

Traveling Deeper

The environmentally and culturally sensitive trips that I've experienced over the years have shaped my worldview and path. I want to invite others on this soul-changing journey. I host trips that inspire growth, spirituality, independence, stewardship and adventure. 

We’re all in different places on this journey. If you are seeking inspiration, making difficult life choices, need a break or just looking for adventure, Inspired Wandering experiences will definitely have an impact on the way you travel and see the world.

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