Morocco is a beautiful African country located on the north western atlantic coast of Africa. Visiting Morocco means seeing the Atlas Mountains in the interior of the country, large areas of desert in the south eastern part of the country and an extensive coastline on the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. Some of the best times to visit Morocco happen to be in the fall, winter and spring. The desert and mountains change so much during these times, along with the landscapes and cityscapes. We’ll see the beauty of the Atlas Mountains, the UNESCO World Heritage city Marrakech, cooking classes, medina tours, spa time, and of course, the highlight of the trip, visiting the Moroccan desert.

This experience is available during these months: September 15, 2019 - May 15, 2020, please send me a message for specific dates or custom itinerary.

Tour Information: On this tour we’ll explore the twists and turns of the old city in Marrakech (the Medina) and learn about the history. Food is an integral part of any culture and it’s one of the best ways to get to know a country, it’s people and its culture so we’ll travel into the mountains for a private cooking class only for our group. We’ll travel into the valleys of the Atlas Mountains where we’ll have the chance to experience a different side of Moroccan culture, each region having a slightly different culture and tradition.

You can’t travel to Morocco and not to go to the desert. We will not only go out into the Moroccan Sahara but we will experience the hospitality of the families who call this incredible place home with a visit and lunch with a local family. We’ll see the ancient mosques, kasbahs, markets and souks that surround the desert to understand how people have survived in this climate for centuries.

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