Architecture and Culture

We're going to Italy June 1- 9, 2020, space is limited to 6 people for this special experience!

Italy is so much more than Rome, there are incredible places that are being rediscovered by, not only Italians, but a few others in the know. We'll travel to those places and explore the hidden culture of places like the Eternal City of Rome, the Amalfi coast and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sassi di Matera in the south. The food, people, architecture are all awe-inspiring and will fill you with wonder. We’ll enjoy the people, sights, sounds, music and food through private guided tours, a private cooking class and much more.

Tour Information: We’ll avoid the crowds and take an exclusive early morning private tour of the most important monuments in the city. As well as experiencing the lesser known neighborhoods and less crowded areas. We’ll enjoy the local cuisine of each neighborhood, tasting the best dishes that Rome has to offer.

Italy is so much more than Rome or Milan so we’ll make our way down to explore the Basilicata region of Italy. It is a hidden jewel and full of history with the highlight being the UNESCO World Heritage City of Matera. Food, private guided walks, cooking classes and taking time to sit with some of the local artisans will be the highlight of this experience. Getting off the beaten track to explore abandoned villages and the mountains before making our way to the Amalfi Coast to enjoy the sea and sun.

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