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Dar es Salaam is known as The City of Peace, is what the name means in Arabic, Dar Es Salaam is a vibrant place that mixes flavors, cultures and customs much like you’d mix a pot of your favorite stew. The city sits at the edge of the Indian Ocean, with Mizinga creek hugging the southern part of the city. Mafia Island sits in the shadow of it’s more famous sibling, Zanzibar, so this means that it’s a place yet to be discovered by the majority of tourists or large hotels. Unless you’re an avid diver, live in Tanzania or do a specific search like I did, you won’t know about Mafia Island. And unlike Zanzibar, which is accessible by boat from Dar Es Salaam, Mafia is only accessible by air from Dar Es Salaam, making it a little more isolated and undisturbed. Z


From the Red City of Marrakech, home to mosques, palaces, gardens and, of course, The Medina. To the Sahara Desert, an experience that allows you to get as close to stars as the Berber culture and will leave you wanting more. To the White City of Essaouira, this beautiful city is, strikingly, the opposite of Marrakech in almost every way. The cool air, blue seas, soft sand and, of course, the seafood. Yes, please!


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